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Analysis Of Sustainability, Range And Limitations Of European Union’s Economic Policy

Kristijan Ristić[5], Nataša Marjanović[6], Milosav Miličković[7], Zlatko Kadić[8]
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Paper Received: 22.10.2020.
Paper Accepted: 29.11.2020.
DOI: 10.5937/Oditor2003137R


EAT: G31, H01, H77


Problems that large Europane economies such as Germany and France are
facing, low economics growth, high unemployment rate, influx of refugees,
small chance of economic recovery of member states, strengthened American
dollar and increased controll of American banks over all banking transactions
across the world (in order to prevent avoidance of paying taxes) are „global“
reasons for smaller investments in European economies. Crisis of public
finance and mutual currency, the euro are decreasing economic growth and
prosperity of the European Union for years.

Key words: EU economic sovereignity, EU financial stability, EU crisis.

[5] Associate professor, PhD Kristijan Ristić, Univeristy Union Nikola Tesla, Faculty of Business and Law, Knez Mihajlova 33, Belgrade, R. Serbia, Phone: +381 63 267 127 E-mail:
[6] Assistant professor, PhD Nataša Marjanović, High business school „Čačak” in Belgrade, Zemunski park 2, Belgrade, R. Serbia, Phone: +381 63 333 821 E-mail:
[7] MA Milisav Miličković PhD student at Univeristy Union Nikola Tesla, Cara Dušana 62-64. Belgrade, R. Serbia, E-mail:
[8] MA Zlatko Kadić Phd student at University Union Nikola Tesla, Cara Dušana 62-64. Belgrade, R. of Serbia, E-mail: