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Economic Aspects of the Integration Processes of the Republic of Serbia

Milica Simić[1], Antoaneta Vassileva[2], Anđelka Aničić[3]
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Paper Received: 09.01.2021.
Paper Accepted: 22.04.2021.
DOI: 10.5937/Oditor2102083S


JEL: F15, F13


Exchange of goods and services is the most important domain of economic cooperation between the Republic of Serbia with the world and is crucial for faster growth of gross domestic product (and thus expected economic growth rates and faster social development and rising living standards) in the coming period. Due to this, paper analyses the degree of involvement of the Republic of Serbia in total world exports, its most important foreign trade partners, the degree of openness of the economy and the share of exports in gross domestic product, analyzing the period from 2008 to 2017.

Key words: Republic of Serbia, European Union, Eurasian Union, integrations, international trade

[1]Assistant Milica Simić, Alfa BK University, Faculty of Finance, Banking and Audit, Palmira Toljatija no. 3, Novi Beograd, Republic of Serbia, E-mail:
[2]Full Professor, Antoaneta Vassileva PhD, University of National and World Economy, International Economics and Politics Faculty, Sofija, Republic of Bulgaria, Email:
[3]Full Professor, Anđelka Aničić PhD, Novi Sad School of Business, Gradski park no. 2, Zemun, Belgrade, Republic of Serbia, E-mail: