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Importance of Sustainable Human Resources Management on the Example of Trade Companies in Kruševac

Maja Staletović[1], Nenad Kojić[2], Srećko Milačić[3], Milan Dajić[4]
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Paper Received: 28.04.2021.
Paper Accepted: 17.06.2021.
DOI: 10.5937/Oditor2102107S


JEL: M14, O15


It can be said that today, given the relevance of the concept of sustainability, sustainable human resource management is a decisive factor in successful functioning of any organizational system. The main goal of this paper is to points to the importance of human resource management in accordance with the concept of sustainable development, starting from the importance of the concept of sustainable development for modern business, as well as from the new place and new role of man in all social processes.

Key words: sustainable development, human resources, managers, trade companies, environment

[1]Asistent, master of economics Maja Staletović, Business School of Vocational Studies “Prof. dr Radomir Bojković”, Topličina no. 12, Kruševac, Email:
[2]Assistant Professor Nenad Kojić PhD, Kosovo and Metohija Academy of Applied Studies, E-mail:
[3]Full Professor Srećko Milačić PhD, Faculty of Economics, University of Pristina, Kolašinska no. 156, Kosovska Mitorivca, Republic of Serbia
[4]Teacher, master of Economics, Milan Dajić, School of Economics and Technology, Vrbovac, Republic of Serbia, Email: