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Legal Protection of the Environment in Serbia

Legal Protection of the Environment in Serbia

Assoc. Prof. Ivan Milojević, PhD [66]




Environmental protection requires the need for normative regulation and its implementation in the positive law of each state. Criminal law does not apply as long as there are other means and ways of protecting someone well. Bearing in mind that man has the right to a protected environment, the state protects and regulates environmental protection with various branches of law through positive legal norms.
When it comes to the most dangerous forms of environmental threats, it emerges as a necessary use of criminal law, as is indicated by numerous international documents.
Of particular importance for combating environmental pollution is the Council of Europe Treaty on Environmental Criminal Justice, to which we shall refer in particular.
Keywords: environment, legal protection, international convention.

[66] Associate Professor, Ivan Milojević, PhD, Modern Business School, Terazije 27, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia, Phone: 060 070 26 97, Email: