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The Importance of Considering Internal Audit as a Decision-making by Top-management of an Agricultural Company

Miloš Jokić[1]
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Paper Received: 17.10.2020.
Paper Accepted:  19.11.2020.
DOI: 10.5937/Oditor2003123J


B26, B21, M49


The top management’s decision-making in an agricultural enterprise should be based on valid information gathered within the enterprise itself. Collecting timely business information is done daily by all sectors of the enterprise. Merely improving the security of information gathering and the safety of all parts of the enterprise is a task performed by trained internal control and internal audit personnel in the company, appointed by top management. In performing their duties on a regular basis, internal auditors should apply procedures and methodologies that are consistent with International Standards on the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing in their work. The aim of the paper is to emphasize the importance of implementing the adopted methodology of work of internal auditors in agricultural companies.

The author points out those standards that are in line with best audit practice should be applied in internal audit work. The contribution of the study authors is to emphasize the importance of applying the internal audit profession in the regular operation of agricultural enterprises, which is in line with the general objective of improving the regular business operation.

Key words: agricultural enterprise, internal audit, managemen.

[1] Miloš Jokić Doctoral student at the Faculty of Economics in Subotica, Segedin road 9-11 24000 Subotica, R. Serbia, E-mail: